Can I discuss My Financial Constraints With the Massage Therapist?

After your first massage experience, you will find yourself wanting to get more of it. You want to keep reaping the benefits of massage weekly, biweekly or even monthly. However, due to financial constraints, you may find it hard to actualize these desires.

Now to the main issue, ‘would it be okay if you discuss your financial status with the massage therapist?

The solution to your financial constrains is not running away from massage spas or choosing to go to a substandard spa. You should take some time to take to your massage therapist either in person or via phone about it. Here are some of the options he can advise you to take to be able to afford your massage:

  1. Go for Shorter Massage Sessions

If you previously used to go for one hour sessions, the massage therapist will advise you to go for thirty-minute sessions. This way, you will still enjoy the benefits of massage and spend less in the process.

Some massage therapists will also offer discounted prices for standby appointments in case the scheduled client fails to show up. You need to have a flexible schedule to enjoy these amazing opportunities as you can receive a call at any time.You can also book your Massage appointment on the internet now such as at:

  1. Ask for a Last Minute Appointment

There are times when the massage therapist is not fully booked and if you can book your appointment to fill up the voids, the cost may be lower.

  1. Take Advantage of Seasonal Offers

Massage spas offer periodic discounts and taking advantage of such offers will allow you to spend less on your massage. To know when these offers are active, you can check the spa’s website or liaise with the massage therapist.

  1. Go For Your Massage during Offpeak

Most of the people going for a massage will book their appointments in the evening or during weekends. If you can book your appointment at a time when the therapists are not busy, you’ll enjoy great services and pay less for them. For instance, you can book your massage at 4 pm when most people are busy at the office or between 9 am and 12 pm.

  1. Use Your Insurance Cover

Though most insurance companies do not cater for massage therapy, there are a few that do. To find out if yours can cater for massage therapy, get in touch with one of the agents and enquire. It is also possible that your insurance provider has put some conditions that will qualify you to get a cover for massage therapy. For instance, the insurance cover may only cater for half the cost of your treatment or pay for massage therapy if it is recommended by a physician.

The truth is, if you want to get a massage, there are numerous ways you can afford it. All you need is to talk to your massage therapist about your financial status and ask for directions on the way forward. A therapist who has been in business for years will definitely help you to come up with a workable option.