Best Email Marketing Campaigns


When you choose to use email marketing as a way of reaching out to your clients, you should know the right email to send to potential clients. The following are the different marketing campaigns that can be used to get in touch with clients:

  • Welcome Email: this is an email that will be sent to a new subscriber who has just signed in to be receiving emails from your business. It should be a form of introduction where you will introduce the client to your brand, ask them to become part of your social media platform, get to know their birthday, among other important aspects. Do not forget to thank them for joining your email list.
  • Standard promotional campaign emails: These are the most common types of emails that are sent to customers. You should ensure that your email will stand out from the rest by provoking emotion, adding humor, creating curiosity, giving free products and also adding features that will grab the attention of the customer.
  • Seasonal campaign: These are emails that are sent on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, father’s day, or any other special occasion. Your marketing message should match the theme of the season and should also be written in the language that they will understand. It is also important to send the email early so that yours will be among the first to reach the inbox of the targeted customers.
  • Triggered emails: This is an email that is triggered when a customer clicks on link in one of the promotional emails but in the end fails to purchase the product. There are different types of trigger emails like campaign activity emails, list management trigger emails, workflow activity trigger emails, and e-commerce trigger emails.
  • Post-purchase drip: this is an email that is sent to a customer after making a purchase. For instance, a customer may purchase a gadget and once he does this, the company will send an email telling the client how to use the product and how to take care of it to make it last longer.
  • Re-engagement campaign email: This is an email that will be sent to those inactive subscribers on your email list. This will be an effort to make the customer read your email and become actively involved in your email list once again.
  • The abandoned cart series: These emails are sent to customers who put items in their shopping carts and then abandon them without making the purchase. You could offer a discount to the customer to see if he will get back to complete the purchase.

You should ensure that you will not send irrelevant marketing emails to your customers so that your emails will not end up being regarded as spam. For instance, if you are sending emails to customers asking them to register for a certain project and one of them does, you should ensure that you move the name from the list to avoid sending him another email asking him to register.

Make your e-mail marketing a success by sending messages that are relevant to your customers. Ensure that your emails are different by applying different twists to the messages you send to the customers every time.